The Future of Anaglyph Games

There there are many exciting games to be created, converted as well as galleries and videos which will be on offer free to all members; Some of these are highlighted below;


3D Games






3D Books



NEW side by side media


Anaglyph games is run by just ONE retro gaming enthusiast

My goal this year is to upgrade our software and code to be able to create and convert more games to 3D. In order for this to happen I will be relying on donations from our members and subscribers. Since we have a few thousand members it would only take a small donation of $1 to help us achieve this goal.

This website and all games will close on April 5th 2017 unless the goal of $200 is reached by donations.


Donate just $1.00 and receive

Lifetime membership
Access to all galleries, 3d videos, and any other 3d media offered
2 3D Free games, Kindle Books & Image Packs


Please use the following method to donate $1 or more. You will receive a link to download Fate of the Earth and Survive 3D plus other 3D media after the donation.




fate of the earth 3D