Get your videos converted to 3D for $5

3D conversion

Internal Arts is offering a 3D conversion service to convert home videos, clips, movies and any other type of video media to one of three types of 3D. This offer is available exclusively on Fivver.

What types of 3D conversions are on offer?

Side by side 3D


The first is one of the most common types of new 3D using “side by side” to create the blend of two images. This technique is used in many visor devices such as the sony HMZ and brings a more immersive experience to watching any type of digital media.

interleaved 3d animation

Next we have the interleaved or interfaced technique which requires the use of active shutter glasses. This technology has been around for some time and was popular in with children from the 80s.

red cyan video clips

The oldest retro technology based on wavelengths of two different colours. Stereoscopic media is widespread around the world but still remains a popular way to enjoy media such as images and movies. During the 80s films attepted to bring the 3D experience to cinema with films such as Jaws.

How it works.

If you have a video you would like converted simply visit the fivver site and make a request. Once you have been accepted you should send a link to download your video or where it can be downloaded. After a day or less you should receive a message with a download link to view a sample of your converted video. If all is well, you can accept the video where you will then receive a link to download the fully converted video.

How Long does it take?

Since this is a new service things should be pretty quick and most will get their converted 3D video within 24-48 hours. For larger files this may take some time. All conversions are based on first come first served basis.

How long will this offer last?

Nobody knows. We received a notification a few days ago and the offer is still active.

By Anaglyph Games Team