Fate of the Earth 3D Anaglyph Game

fate of the earth 3D


Fate of the Earth places you in the hands of God who is not happy about the way the human race treats the Earth. As a test, you have to move the earth through a series of puzzles and explore the factions of humanity that need attention.


There are several levels which all deal with humanities struggles and issues including Education, Money, Domestic life, Media, War, Society, Heaven, Hell. In each level are sublte statements and things to think about whilst you try to navigate the obstacles that get in your way.

This makes this 3D game a lot of fun in that it gives a different perspective and view of humanity in a very sarcastic manner. Ants on the street, billboards that actually speak the truth,  the bubble world of education, robot teachers and so on.

You may have to replay some levels more than others as there are so many messages and intricasies. The game does make use of this difficulty as you will find yourself repeating the most difficult parts which ironically gets the authors message across well. The best example of this can be found after leaving school and entering the rat race. The war zone has some very strong statements which does make you think about the current state of the world.

Whilst the controls are simple the game actually poses different ways to try and defeat you. From having to navigate tight spaces to using quick reactions to avoid moving obstaces. Timing is also essential along with patience.

The music is original and there are plenty of hidden sounds, characters and gestures in the game to keep you amused. This game is mostly about timing and patient which ironically is what the world could do with in order to keep it balanced.

If you reach the end of the game and many should since this is a mini game you have a choice of saving the world or ending it in darkness. It was worth doing both and I enjoyed both endings which created quite a different atmosphere.

Overall, this is a great unique game which does well not only to tackle tough questions about humanity but also provides a clever and interesting mini challenge to all gamers of all ages. It is also in Anaglyph 3D which we like.


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