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Image Collection 3D Mini Beasts

Mini Beasts Image pack collection for use with red cyan 3D glasses. Over 80 3D Anaglyph gray images of mini beasts including; arachnids - mites, spiders, scorpions myriapods - centipedes, millipedes crustaceans - crabs, lobsters, woodlice molluscs - snails, slugs, mussels, octopus annelids - worms, leeches, flatworms Insects - wasps, praying mantis, ladybirds, grasshoppers, flies, dragonflies, butterflies, beetles, bees, ants Extras - Coelentrates - jellyfish, anemones, caterpillar, reef life

Price : 1.99

The 3D Book of Dragons

The 3D Book of Dragons - A charming book with some fantastic digital images of dragons. Each Dragon has it's own description and origin. (Pdf and Kindle Formats)

Price : 1.99

The 3D Book of Puzzles

The 3D Book of Puzzles - This book contains a series of puzzles presented in Anaglyph 3D grey. These are all unique and original created from the Author's setting at home and at work. (Pdf and Kindle Formats)

Price : 1.99

PC Windows Survive mini first person 3D shooter

Survive 3D is a mini fast first person shooter published by Internal Arts Media. This game makes use of custom artifical intelligence using waypoints and nodes. Your goal is simply to destroy all the robots and to survive. The game is fast paced and requires some experience with gaming. We were able to complete the game after several attemps. The 3D stereoscopic effect works well even after several minutes of gameplay where sometime these games especially when combining with the FPS movement can cause nausia. The music is chirpy and upbeat and get's you in the mood for shooting robots.

Price : 0.99

Image Collection 3D Sea Life

stereoscopic / anaglyph / 3d image ocean sea life collection for red blue 3d glasses. Includes Crabs and lobsters, Dolphins, Fish, Manatee, Mussels, Seals, Sharks and Walrus.

Price : $1.99

PC Windows Game - Fate of the earth

Fate of the Earth places you in the hands of God who is not happy about the way the human race treats the Earth. As a test, you have to move the earth through a series of puzzles and explore the factions of humanity that need attention.

Price : $0.99